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Elsons International: Efficient, Environment Friendly Packaging Solutions

Andrew Jackson, CEO, Mike Scaravelli, Senior VP and Mario Welch , Elsons-International, Shipping and Receiving ManagerAndrew Jackson, CEO, Mike Scaravelli, Senior VP and Mario Welch , Shipping and Receiving Manager
Any industry that transports products and goods needs to seek efficient packaging. Growing public awareness regarding the problem of excessive wastage has led manufacturers to look for better biodegradable alternatives. Enterprises around the world are focusing on “going green” in multiple ways that not only highlights their commitment to the environment but also creates a favorable branding opportunity. Nevertheless, it is easier said than done. Moving in the right direction towards a brighter, greener future is a novel idea, but finding a sustainable and environment-friendly packaging solution is often challenging. This is where Elsons International brings in their expertise in offering sustainable packaging.

Providing value-added packaging solutions that are cost-effective and flexible was the intent of the company since its inception 34 years ago, and they have successfully delivered on their promise to date. “We pride ourselves in delivering great packaging solutions to our clients, on-time, on-schedule, and on-budget,” says Andrew Jackson, President, and CEO of Elsons. One of the primary drives behind the company’s mission is to aid the community that they are a part of. Jackson attributes the company’s success to its employees who are “treated as a family.” Furthermore, the ‘second-chance program’ that Elsons offers to ex-offenders empowers them to look forward to and start a new chapter in their lives. At Elsons, we believe that it is “good business” and very possible, to contribute to the community and still be profitable.

When it comes to the professional front, the company understands it is not only important to listen to their clients’ needs but to predict them as well given the constantly changing nature of the packaging industry.

We pride ourselves in delivering great packaging solutions to our clients, on-time, on-schedule and on-budget

Elsons’ offerings consist of most forms of packaging materials such as Coroplast—a returnable and an alternative to non-biodegradable material like cardboards—, wood and foam to name a few. Also, their corrugated pallets prove to be a better alternative to non-biodegradable wood packaging. Each packaging is designed according to individual customer’s specifications. Jackson states with pride that they package and ship fragile substances such as the windshield of Hummer vehicles around the world, with a success rate of 97 percent. “The automotive industry is a primary market for us as well as the food and beverage industry, and the US military,” says Jackson.

With the markets that Elsons caters to, they plan to collaborate with a majority of these enterprises from the Cleveland area, where they are located. Hence, when they heard of a client not five miles away who could use their expertise, they went in to meet them. This customer already had an in-house team and equipment that build their product packages to their specifications and standards. To demonstrate their commitment, the company bought the necessary equipment the client uses for their business operations even before the meeting.

Amazed by their zeal to deliver an even higher standard of services, the company has now eagerly collaborated with Elsons who has garnered similar partnerships with enterprises in its many years of business to deliver ‘a touch of magic’ to each one of them. They want to continue investing in packaging materials such as Coroplast given they have a lot of usability and advantages for the automotive space. Furthermore, with a vision to grow further, the company plans to engage with Amazon in the future to deliver their excellence globally.
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Andrew Jackson, CEO, Mike Scaravelli, Senior VP and Mario Welch , Shipping and Receiving Manager

The company is a long standing deliver customized packaging solutions and value-add services to global enterprises



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