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Stantec: Designs with the Community in Mind

Gord Johnston, CEO
Collaborating across industries and disciplines to bring energy, and resource, buildings, environmental, and infrastructure projects to life, Stantec, a global design and delivery firm was established in 1954. Stantec flourished under the leadership of Dr. Don Stanley, Ron Triffo, Tony Franceschini, and Bob Games. In addition, today, the CEO Gord Johnston, continues the legacy of tenacious leadership, improving the quality of life in communities across the globe with over 22,000 employees in 400 locations. The firm has a unique capability to connect to projects on a personal level, advancing the quality of life in various communities. The firm’s work—“engineering, architecture, interior design, landscape architecture, surveying, environmental sciences, project management, and project economics, from initial project concept and planning through design, construction, and commissioning—begins at the intersection of community, creativity, and client relationships.”

Stantec focuses on building inspiring work environments that support and develop exceptional talent. Besides, it pursues work that transforms communities and inspires employees.

Abiding by Integrity

With integrity guiding being the underlying principle for everything they do, the management at Stantec ensures it makes the right decisions even during tough times. Embracing high standards of personal and professional integrity, the firm never compromises on its business principles and stays put to basic ideals that comprise of good governance, transparent accounting, and delivery of lasting shareholder value.

Businesses are conducted with the help of focused models, and organizational structures that balance operational and technical aspects of the firm. Stantec’s practice and risk management teams ensure excellent professional practices and loss prevention as well as training and development for its employees.

Innovative, Creative, and Relevant Services

Stantec caters to the healthcare and educational sector, the retail and hospitality organizations, sports and recreation sectors, environment and more. It provides an array of services for these sectors that begin at the intersection of community, creativity, and client relationships. From architecture to branding, bridge maintenance to campus planning, community development to environmental sciences, financial services and management to information and communications technology, Stantec believes in making a positive contribution to society with these services. What better way to bring in positivity in the society than campus planning. With a goal to create a robust framework for an institutions future, Stantec has applied “rigorous analysis and creative thinking to physical and less-tangible campus elements.” What will the campus look like, and are the facilities competitive, are few queries that have been sorted out by the firm. With the belief that building designs are all about creating meaningful environments, Stantec creates interior and exterior spaces that engage, uplifts and contributes to a sense of happiness and sustainable stewardship of communities. This is leading to cities adapting to change quickly. Besides, the bona fide brand strategies and content-driven marketing campaigns are created by the firm to keep up with subtle shifts in the market. These campaigns inspire audiences to connect and commit both emotionally and financially.

A team of designers, engineers, scientists and project managers, stantec builds an inspiring work environment that supports and develops exceptional talent

The firm also designs repairs and rehabilitation for single bridges, for which, the bridge management system assists owners in doing the right activity, at the right time, at the best cost. Stantec’s systematic bridge management approach assures optimal safety, value for money and a maximized service life. Moreover, with clients facing numerous financial challenges, the team of Stantec understands the problem and identifies difficulties in advance, analyzing options and planning safety.

Besides, communities are empowered as they are “creatively imagined, collaboratively planned, and readied to face tomorrow with optimism.” Whether an urban center is renovated or transformed, or a new place has been developed for friends and families to grow, Stantec designs with the community in mind.

Every project taken up Stantec is driven by a passion for understanding its past, adapting its present conditions and preparing for future changes. Whether it is about collaborating on a complex application to monitoring a construction site, the firm provides the smartest solutions to support communities.

“At Stantec, the way we conduct business is driven by our core values—one of which is we do what is right. It is about integrity, transparency, being ethical, and being accountable—not only to our shareholders but also to the many communities we are a part of,” says Aram H. Keith, Chairman of Stantec.

Partnering to Change Tomorrow

Stantec, partnered with Camosun College in Victoria, British Columbia, creating learning environments to promote collaboration. A focus on collaboration space led to designing a framework around which academic programs were arranged. Stantec designed two bisecting ‘axes of collaboration’ as a sacred area on each level of the college wherein informal collaboration and learning would take place. While initially building laboratories on four levels were preferred, Stantec went on to do just the opposite. It built labs on one floor, clustered together on one floor as people integrate horizontally, thereby, encouraging people to work in close proximity.

"We make a difference in the world by creating communities. This is our purpose"

Building the labs on one floor was a “breakthrough in making the architecture match the pedagogy.” With all the labs on the top floor and close to one another, it was easier for the departments to share information and become aware of the going-on’s. Moreover, with a lot of glass and transparency, collaboration was further encouraged.

Stantec’s support for its communities was also witnessed during the Edmonton Pride Parade organized by Pride@ Stantec. Gathered with hundreds of Albertans, the Stantec’s float had a pixelated rainbow heart, inspired by the Stantec brand. It showcased a wide range of its services as well as the diverse community the firm’s trying to build.

Driven by leaders with a remarkable range of experiences, achievements, and backgrounds, Stantec is committed to one thing – community. Hence, its designs things that connect to embrace the community it serves. “We aim to make a difference in the places where we live and work. Through donations, sponsorships, and volunteering, we connect with our communities and help strengthen them in meaningful ways.”
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Gord Johnston, CEO

Collaborating across disciplines and industries to bring buildings, energy, and resource, environmental, and infrastructure projects to life, Stantec is a global design and delivery firm

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