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NTS: Empowering Organizations to Develop and Deliver Robust Product

Rich Adams, CEO
With a long history dating back to 1961, NTS or National Technical Systems has been the vanguard of the engineering services by offering testing, inspections, certifications, and supply chain solutions. Many innovative organizations in most performance-critical industries rely on the diverse capabilities of NTS to ensure their products are developed in compliance, on time and on budget. The company’s experienced engineers and technicians ensure consistent quality project delivery to their clients. Furthermore, with fully accredited laboratories across the U.S., it has the broadest geographic presence offering more than 70 distinct environmental simulations and materials testing categories, including climate, structural, dynamics, fluid flow, EMI/ EMC, lightning, product safety, acoustics, failure analysis, chemical, and other industry-specific tests. Additionally, having this geographically diverse footprint and operating through a network of more than 27 advanced testing laboratories makes the company in close proximity of more than 4,000 clients, allowing them to be more accessible and responsive to them.

NTS caters to many verticals like aerospace and defense, automotive, energy, high tech and telecom, and consumer and medical domains. The company engineers work with clients to define the requirements and conduct preliminary engineering analysis. They utilize computer-aided engineering and design tools such as ANSYS and Solid Works for Finite Element Analysis, Solid Words 3D for CAD modeling, and AutoCAD 2D drafting. Every project, which is undertaken by the company, has a dedicated program management team, which works through the materials acquisition, design, and on-going project surveillance and status reporting. Once the build gets complete, the unit verifies the performance to specification as well provides the clients with operational manuals and imparts training to the clients’ team.

With integrated corporate functions, we’re able to better support our labs, which continue to offer the best testing, inspection, and certification services in the nation

NTS with its decades of experience provides exceptional integrated end-to-end engineering solutions to maximize efficiencies during every phase of the product development cycle. Additionally, the gained knowledge helps them overcome challenges such as, shorter market windows that compress development cycles, mandatory compliances with changing local, national, and international standards as well as ever-increasing demand to lower production costs and a lack of global technical and equipment resources.

The company also assists their clients to meet the necessary compliances or certification, which enables them to comply with the minimum level of quality and standards. The defense sector has been their largest customer base for compliance testing services. They have the equipment and expertise necessary to demonstrate compliance with MIL-STD-810, MIL-SPEC-2105, FM 101-51-3, and other standards. Furthermore, their National Ordinance and Ballistics Center provides live firings, climatic and dynamic testing, functional testing, and compliance certification services for munitions, ordnance, and hazardous materials. Besides, they also have tests in place for vehicle armor and personal protective equipment as well as perform heavyweight shock and engineering for naval applications.

NTS recently expanded its presence by opening its new corporate center in the city of Anaheim, which is already home to one of the NTS’s 27 laboratories. The new facility will integrate corporate functions from Calabasas, Fullerton, and Brea offices into a single location, and further help the company to streamline the efficiencies and building an infrastructure to support the its projected growth in the years ahead. “With integrated corporate functions, we’re able to better support our labs, which continue to offer the best testing, inspection, and certification services in the nation,” mentioned Rich Adams, CEO at NTS.
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Rich Adams, CEO

Provides engineering services in testing, inspections, certifications, supply chain solutions for the enterprises

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