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LHP Engineering Solutions: Bridging the Engineering Gap

The automobile industry is one of the world’s largest economic sectors by revenue, and according to key findings by Mckinsey, automotive OEMs are expected to rise by almost 50 percent by 2020. However, with this growth, associated are the more significant problems like adhering to emission norms, which are steadily becoming stringent to lower the carbon footprint, compelling the manufacturers to move on to more sustainable fuel options. In addition, with advancement in artificial intelligence and IIoT, the auto industry is embedding new things like self-parking systems, while also exploring the possibilities of self-driving cars, which has its own sets of challenges like incorporating lane-assist system, weather and obstacle detection, crash avoidance and more. Moreover, the OEM struggle to keep the existing software and electronics development process at par with the latest industry standards and to meet the government regulations. The increased complexities associated with functional safety, cybersecurity, expanding product lines result in labor-intensive engineering design and development.

To tackle the need of the automotive industry, LHP as an engineering service provider, offers its services to create custom software solutions in areas including— AUTOSAR (Automotive Open System Architecture), communication, data analytics, embedded software, functional safety, model-based design, and telematics. With specialization in in-depth embedded controls and embedded software, they enable clients to focus on their core function areas, with a variety of advanced software solutions. Furthermore, the company collaborates with clients to deliver custom solutions, easy-to-follow instructions and targeted training throughout the entire development cycle. Clients can fully outsource their projects to ease their software development workload, as they take care of anything and everything that may be required, from tweaking or enhancing the existing software to assisting with streamlining the software implementation. The team at LHP is prepared to tackle any type of software related challenges that clients might encounter, which may include—safety monitoring, automatic brake controls, emissions and service monitoring, traffic controls and more.
In one such instance, LHP assisted LSS Division; a smart alternator supplier OEM based in Anderson, IN. The company had to design and develop a 24-volt smart LIN alternator for a truck OEM in Germany. However, the company did not have the well-established process for verification and validation (V&V), which is critical in a product development life cycle, as it helps reduce cost per failure and increase product reliability. The company reached out to LHP Software Solution (LSS), LHP Engineering Solutions’ project division, to help establish V&V processes. LSS took a systematic approach to provide the alternator OEM a solution by mapping out their needs, defining the scope and timeline of the project as well as they set up and identified project milestones, deliverables, and key implementation factors (KIFs). Finally, after all the efforts put in, LSS was able to put together a design verification plan for testing the 24-volt smart LIN alternator. In addition, they achieved a test plan to allow for optimizing testing resources and establishing testing procedures with traceability requirements and 100 percent test full coverage.

Apart from the automotive industry, the company also serves aerospace, defense and medical fields, We offering them custom, flexible, and comprehensive technology solutions. LHP in the recently concluded IoT Solutions World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, showcased their embedded cybersecurity on a vehicle platform, in collaboration with the Industrial Internet Consortium’s Automotive Security Task Group. The demonstration was of an Ev-GoKart chassis, highlighting LHP’s open-framework automotive functional safety and cybersecurity platform. The vehicle on display addressed the sore points that are felt across the automotive industry where cybersecurity compromises may result in functional safety violations. “We are focused on testing technology, hardware, automated and other software systems like cloud-based systems that can optimize the engineering process and better utilize engineering assets,” mentions David Glass, CEO, LHP Engineering Solutions.
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