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Kimchuk: Engineering, Market-Ready Solutions

Jim Marquis, President
Conceptualization and execution are two completely different sides to putting out a great product. In many sectors this matter boils down to the design engineer’s and manufacturer’s ability to balance the design and tooling costs to the volume of the anticipated market. In this pursuit, more often than not, people lose track of the actual marketplace demand and compromises are made in order to meet this balance. What this requires is a vendor, who specializes in packaging the technology to suit the varied customer requirements in an efficient manner. “We are not a one use tool, we are a broad multi disciplinary specialist that can take any technology to logically package it to market in the most efficient and robust way possible,” states Jim Marquis, President of Kimchuk, the engineering solutions shop—a small business owned, by veterans.

Kimchuk started off as a machine shop back in the 60s, with current President, Jim Marquis joining the company in ’71. Marquis sought to get Kimchuk into the foray of electronic manufacturing and product design and development. The company has since experienced substantial growth and today, specializes in high quality manufacturing for the military, aerospace, medical, safety, security and nuclear industries. Kimchuk as an engineering organization is state of the art in printed circuit board design and manufacturing and works with everything electronic, ranging from 1005 components to nano BGAs with underfill. The company has a complete engineering department, which have expertise in a broad range of product areas. But where Kimchuk’s specialization lies, is in their ability to package a product, so that it is best suited for the applications that it is going to be used in. No matter how small or large the volume, Kimchuk has the manufacturing expertise to design around it.

We are not a one use tool, we are a broad multi disciplinary specialist that can take any technology to logically package it to market in the most efficient and robust way possible

They are aware that end clients very often haven’t performed enough research on their concept to establish what the market really requires. Kimchuk emphasizes the need for this and then addresses the second critical area of field testing, which can determine how successful the product could become.

Kimchuk notes that there are businesses that despite being good think tanks don’t necessarily have the expertise in taking a product and packaging it for market. One such product that they worked on, was for a military company. The client company had come to Kimchuk, basically with a basketful of parts. The challenge was to make the product small enough to fit wherever the military needed it to, comfortably; and to reduce the manufacturing cost. Some of the demands were designing it to be waterproof, while making sure that it was capable of being used in the desert, at very high temperatures. Kimchuk came up with a very unique solution, removing the heat from the unit, and keeping the electronics cool enough to survive the harsh environment. Kimchuk subsequently developed those components and the client model into a product, in a very short time. Additionally, all through the field testing of that product, the solution provider continued to design that product to be less costly, and ended up selling tens of thousands of units.

Kimchuk prides themselves in their ability to design and package a system. Right now they are working on making a fairly complex shooting target system—field programmable, and very versatile. They have done work in the pharmaceutical and medical sectors, and are considerably diverse and fully confident in their ability to develop ideas to put into a marketable product.
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Jim Marquis, President

Kimchuk has been a valuable resource to the electronic manufacturing community by offering a complete array of services

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