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SunMan Engineering: Product Realization Expert

Allen Nejah, Founder & CEO
Considering its long-standing presence in the market for 27 years, it is no wonder that SunMan Engineering is in the vanguard of electronic and mechanical design, and prototyping. Based in San Jose, Silicon Valley, CA, the firm specializes in product development and technology R&D catering to several government agencies, the military and commercial companies—from small firms to Fortune 500. The majority of SunMan Engineering’s undertakings come from the US defense industry including Lockheed Martin, the US Department of Defense, and the US Military. Owing to its exceptional service to the public sector, the firm has been selected as a prime contractor for the US Navy’s SeaPort-e while also being a US GSA contract holder (GS-10F-002AA). As stated by Allen Nejah, Founder and CEO, SunMan Engineering, “We are a technology engineering design firm that architects and designs new products from concept to prototyping and manufacturing.”

Specializing in Product Architecture, Product Development and Product Prototyping, SunMan Engineering’s chief focus lies on developing products right from concept to manufacturing spanning both electronic and mechanical disciplines. Starting with electronic circuit design to final packaging, the company takes charge of every action involved in the development procedure from soup to nuts. Its services portfolio comprises PCB Layout and Schematic Capture, Reverse Engineering, Firmware and Software, and Wireless Services to name a few. Encapsulating the company’s mission, Nejah asserts, “We design technologies from things that can sense the world around you from your wrist, all the way up to electronics that go in satellites.”

Driven by the goal to help customers reduce time to market and augment product quality, SunMan Engineering leverages its proprietary Product Realization Process which involves a whole lot of areas—conceptualization, architecture design, module integration, hardware, requirements specification, testing, prototyping, and software development among rest. Besides, years of experience in the market has enabled the company to draw on fine-tuned measures whereby it can evade pitfalls.

We design technologies from things that can sense the world around you to electronics that go in satellites

Furthermore, SunMan brings together its in-house staff to meet on a daily basis for sharing their accomplishments and challenges while also discussing proceedings for the next step. “Verifying every step has helped us to successfully increase the chances of completing the product on the first prototype,” Nejah highlights, adding to the context.

More to its glory, SunMan Engineering develops its own Intellectual Property (IP) so as to provision latest technology and techniques for clients to incorporate in their products. It was in 2008 when SunMan Engineering took the world by a storm through its breakthrough invention of the ‘connected car’ technology, followed by a trail of IoT car related products ever since. “With the knowledge that we gain through all these IPs and technologies that we create and patent, we put them to use for customer benefits,” remarks Nejah.

To cite an instance of SunMan Engineering’s turnkey services at play, Lockheed Martin was facing problems with its existing system, especially in overheating it and causing a delay in the schedule for launching satellite carrier rockets. For which, SunMan Engineering developed a system based on the prevailing system to power on and off the rocket by draining and loading the entire battery from the rocket before take-off. This saved the client, millions of dollars and time lag in their plans and missions.

Exuding unswerving dedication, SunMan’s Reverse Engineering specialists constantly work towards upgrading existing legacy systems to modern standards. The company is on a persistent endeavor to expand its Product Realization Process while also pulling out resources favorable for engineers seeking answers related to hardware and product design.
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Allen Nejah, Founder & CEO

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