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Mercury PLM Services: Enriching Product Lifecycle Management

Sekhar Visvanathan, GM
As product complexity increases so do demands on the technologies and processes required to develop and manufacture products. Difficulties in managing complex processes, design cycles, and manufacturing workflows can often seem insurmountable.

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software solutions can help overcome many of the challenges companies face, by integrating product information in a centralized repository to transform how they execute, measure, and manage key product-related business processes using predefined workflows. The team in Fond du Lac, WI, where Mercury PLM Services is headquartered, understands mapping well defined processes to PLM provides for incremental savings and efficiencies. Mercury PLM Services provides PLM Assessments and Advisory Consulting services, Teamcenter software installation, configuration, and customization, as well as data migration services. Other PLM services of Mercury PLM Services include Teamcenter upgrades and patches, PLM to business system integration, training and mentoring, and digital product rendering. Mercury PLM Service’s General Manager, Sekhar Visvanathan, states, “Mercury PLM Services is a premier PLM strategy and services consulting practice with a pedigreed and successful history.”

PLM implementation starts with a comprehensive assessment of existing processes and systems. The assessment takes into account the control of, as well as access to, product information. Consultants at Mercury PLM Services optimize technology solutions by working alongside clients to understand their business goals and process requirements to design a best-in-class PLM deployment. Mercury PLM Service’s process focused team has successfully delivered services for project as varied as configuring PPAP processes in the automotive industry, generating design history files along with master records for use within the medical industry, to offering raw material, and FDA requirements companies working in the Consumer Goods.

PLM software solutions can help overcome many of the challenges companies face, by integrating product information in a centralized repository

As PLM implementations mature additional value can be realized by expanding the reach and benefits of PLM throughout the company. Mercury PLM Services is assisting clients with Teamcenter modules like Active Workspace (AWS) and Engineering Work Instructions (EWI) to remove barriers around leveraging data beyond Engineering and Manufacturing.

Beyond PLM services Mercury adds value to their client’s implementation project by providing “Problem Solver Utilities”. These are well thought out and executed utilities to try to bridge the gap between information systems and tie all the data together. Mercury PLM Services employs a two-pronged approach developing these utilities: One for the enterprise grade, cloud ready applications, and the other for traditional PLM. Emil Kacan, Director Strategy and Business Development, explains, “We design our software to be cloud ready and enabled for mobile access so the solutions are available to users regardless of location.” Cloud based infrastructure offers a ready, dynamic environment to integrate data and technologies as part of mergers and acquisitions. Compared to ‘brick and mortar’ IT resources, these shared and secure solutions from Mercury PLM Services can be quickly scaled to meet growth, security, and availability needs of a global PLM deployment. Mercury provides a patented Parts Planning Application, Test Request Application, and additional problem solver utilities. All utilities focus on being able to quickly find and use design and manufacturing content to expedite product delivery.

“Industry 4.0 is upon us. With it will come opportunities for our clients to capitalize on the use of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) to improve the quality and integrity of their products, while reducing maintenance cost and heading off costly repairs in the field,” explains Ed Doctor, Director PLM Programs and Projects. “Mercury PLM Services is investing now to help our clients best leverage this new area of technology going forward.”
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Sekhar Visvanathan, GM

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